We are results driven, not invoice driven. We have a proven track record in saving £1.5 million per annum for one particular motor insurer by tackling fraudulent claims in a methodical and thorough manner utilising:

  •  For suspect interviews; tried and tested interview techniques which reveal provable lies or confessions
  •  For witnesses; using police training in cognitive interview techniques to acquire a full and detailed account
  •  For vehicle examinations; using the best qualified staff to forensically examine and photograph vehicles for consistent damage, exaggerated damage, secondary damage or vehicle defects
  •  Detailed locus investigations including professional plans and photographs
  •  These skills and techniques are all delivered to Civil and Criminal court standards

When these techniques are put together in one package they have proved invaluable with customers who are prepared to allow a full and professional investigation to take place.

The following principals are adhered to in all enquiries:

  • The scope and depth of the investigation is entirely the choice of the customer, each development being discussed with the customer before an agreement on the next step
  •  Investigations  are always conducted in an ethical manner in accordance with regulations
  •  We are results driven rather than invoice driven; this service has proved enormous value for money

Other investigation services include:

  •  Financial- examination of accessible bank accounts to identify suspicious activity
  •  Business fraud including theft of intellectual property and staffing issues
  •  Personal liability
  •  Family relations
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