Other Services

Experienced professionally trained staff are available to conduct static, mobile and foot surveillance to gather evidence regarding a variety of issues. Evidence collected by surveillance will comply with regulations laid out by the Regulation of Investigative Powers Act (RIPA) and the European Convention on Human Rights.  This will be delivered in a timely and cost effective manner in a court compliant package.

Financial examination of accessible bank accounts to identify suspicious activity
Access to confidential financial information is virtually impossible in the private sector. However we have trained financial investigators who have worked in the public sector as accredited financial investigators. These experts are available to forensically examine any account which a customer has the right to access and identify trends and suspicious activity relating to employees or for private reasons.

Business fraud including theft of intellectual property and staffing issues
This covers any issue regarding internal business activity including dishonesty by employees or inappropriate activity by a competitor.

Personal liability
We are available to tackle any investigation in support of a defence to potential law suits or actions against individuals or businesses.

Family relations
Breakdowns in family relationships are very difficult to cope with. We can provide support and assistance in situations where the truth is required. These enquiries will always be conducted in a sensitive manner.

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